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National Mediation Board Alumni Association
 Memory Challenges

Winner - Joyce Beech

Second Place - Ben Meredith

Third Place - John Willits

Challenge Questions & Answers:

1) What former employee has had zebras, camels and water buffalo grazing on his/her land at various times?

A. Vivian Yancey

2) What was the location (and year) of the NMB staff conference where we totally cleaned out the all-you-can-eat restaurant, including the frogs' legs?

A. Sarasota (Long Boat Key), Florida,1977

3) Which NMB alumni are, or were, married to each other?

A. Warren & Katherine Lane (both now deceased), Mike & Meg Cimini, Helen Witt & Ralph Colliander

4) Where was the staff conference held (and in what year) when a former Board member's heavy rock collection almost tipped over the small plane we were boarding to fly out of the valley? Who was that former Board Member?

A. Sun Valley, 1975, Dave Stowe

5) What former employee worked as a locomotive engineer in both steam and diesel service?

A. Ben Meredith

6) What former employee has a daughter who was a national age-level riding champion? 

A. Charlie Callahan

7) What former employee is known as the "Senator from North Carolina?"

A. Charlie Peacock

8) Which NMB alumni were members of their military unit's rifle competition team?

A. Charlie Spencer

9) What former employee currently has the largest boat?

A. Harry Bickford

10) What former employee owned a race horse - which actually won at least one race (maybe more)?

A. Vivian Yancey

11) What former employee treated the female office staff to the services of a professional male "exotic dancer" (off site)?

A. Charlie Callahan

12) What former employee never could be served by a process server who improperly was trying to force the employee into a law suit involving the NMB?

A. Maurice Parker

13) What former employee sent a crate of peaches to the NMB's staff in D.C.?

A. Charlie Peacock

14) One former Board member's mother sent a surprise "dancer" to entertain him (and the rest of us) on his birthday. Who was that Board member?

A. Josh Javits

15) What former employee treated the staff to a professional karaoke entertainer at an NMB Christmas party?

A. Bill Gill

16) What former employee was known as the "General" (as well as other terms)?

A. Tom Ingles

17) Which former employees, who are related by other than marriage, worked for the NMB at the same time?

A. Joyce Beech and Shirley Davis

We Remember
2008 Memory Challenges
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