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-2008 NMB Alumni Association Memory Challenges-

These memory challenges are designed to bring us fond memories of our former colleagues at the NMB.  All the alumni responses to the questions have been taken into consideration in developing the collection of answers below.  Like all matters relying on our fallible memories, there may be honest differences of opinion regarding the "best" answers - and several questions include alternative answers - which is part of the fun.  The major contributors to these answers were our alumni colleagues John Willits, Joyce Beech, Joe Smith, Ben Meredith and Helen Witt.  Our thanks to all contributors!  All additions, comments and corrections will be valued as well.

Memory Challenge Questions and Answers:

1) Which Board Member arranged for the NMB’s use of the beautiful Sun Valley, Idaho resort for our 1975 staff conference?  Hint - he also had owned a large potato farm.

A. Kay McMurray.

2) Which Mediator filed an expense voucher for a lost hat?

A. Al Della-Corte, Mike O'Connell, Ted Farmer, Ralph Colliander.

3) Which Board Members graciously delayed being sworn into office following their confirmation so that the Board Members they were replacing would have enough federal service time to qualify for federal health insurance after they left the NMB?

A. Joshua Javits, Harry Hoglander.

4) Which Mediator repeatedly was assigned by the Board to coordinate some of the most complex representation cases during the 1970's, 1980's and part of the 1990's?

A. John Willits, Sam Cognata, Charlie Callahan, Ted Schoonover, Roland Quinn, Joe Anderson, Al Della-Corte.

5) Which Board Member hosted all of the NMB staff conference participants at her home for a feast, which included a cake with the NMB's logo?  Where and when was this staff conference held?

A. Helen Witt.  Pittsburgh, Pa., 1985.

6) Who was the chief of the NMB’s Chicago office who retired with over 50 years of federal service?

A. Roy Carvatta.

7) Which Board Member lived in a boat throughout his NMB employment?

A. Ken Hipp.

8) Who were the NMB’s longest serving Records Officers?

A. Vivian Yancey, Anne Kearney.

9) Which Board Members continued their public service as NMB Mediators?

A. Bob Brown and Ernie DuBester.

10) Who were the NMB’s first three woman Mediators?

A. Lynne Litwiller, Gale Oppenberg and Laurette Piculin.

11) Which Board Member heroically saved his family members from a house fire (and perished as a consequence of his valiant effort)?

A. Peter Benedict.

12) Who was the NMB’s longest serving Research Director?

A. Mike Cimini.

13) Which Board Member served as a one-person Board for nine months, and why?

A. Bob Harris.  Board Member George Ives retired, Member Bob Brown resigned to take a Mediator position and the confirmation of George Roukis to the Board was vitiated (withdrawn) by the U.S. Senate just before he was commissioned by the President.

14) Which kind Jewish NMB office staff member regularly took the lead in singing Christmas carols at the office until her death in 1996?

A. Ronnie Steinat.

15) Who was the NMB’s first woman Board Member?

A. Helen Witt.

16) Which NMB Hearing Officer went on to become an Administrative Law Judge at the NLRB?

A. Rich Miserendino.

17) Which Board Member was a deputy sheriff?

A. Frank Duggan, Chuck Woods, Lev Edwards.

18) Which NMB employees also had worked together at the IRS headquarters?

A. Jim Armshaw and Ron Etters.

19) Which Board Member later became the Director of FMCS?

A. Kay McMurray.

20) Who was the NMB’s first General Counsel?

A. Richard Kasher.

21) Who was the NMB’s second Chief Hearing Officer?

A. David Cohen.

22) Which Board Members primarily initiated the NMB’s conversion to electronic communications (email) and individual computer use?

A. Pat Cleary, Bob Harris.

23) Which Mediators and NMB staff members served as the Board’s formal or informal acting Executive Secretary/Executive Director?

A. Tom Tracy, C. Robert Roadley, Bill Pierce, Ken Quinn, Ben Meredith, Harry Bickford, Tom Roadley, Roy Carvatta, Roland Watkins, Ron Etters, Sheldon Klein, Charlie Barnes, Bill Gill, Jack Bavis (and others now lost to our memory).

24) Which former Board Member now lives in Canada?

A. Kim Madigan.

25) Which NMB employees had worked for the NLRB before joining the NMB?

A. Bill Pierce, Lynne Litwiller, Tom Roadley, Maurice Parker, Andy Stites, Ken Hipp, Ernie DuBester.

26) Who were Roy Carvatta’s primary staff assistants when he ran the NMB’s Chicago office?

A. Ron Swanson and Rosemarie Brasch.

27) Which Board Member retired from the NMB at the then-mandatory age of 70 (and then became an active arbitrator)?

A. Lev Edwards.

28) Who was the NMB's "computer brain" for case information before the NMB even had computers?

A. Vivian Yancey, Mike Cimini.

29) Who was the secretary of the NMB’s first General Counsel?

A. Joyce Beech.

30) Which NMB landlord had a private cafeteria with sundaes and hot pie a la mode available every afternoon?

A. The old National Rifle Association headquarters near Thomas Circle.

Note: Please see NMBAA.com where 103 of your departed NMB colleagues are listed - because they should not be forgotten!

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